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Common problem

585564_1508133660.png Common problem
Question: Does translation also have after-sales service?

Answer: Good teachers are intimate to provide free after-sales service for customers all their lives. Without changing the original text, they can provide free revision and correction services for your company's translation manuscripts, so that customers can entrust them without worries. It is also an expression of confidence in the quality of our company.

Q: I am a foreign company. How can I get your service?

A: As the earliest translation company in Asia to conquer the international market, our international translation has matured. We have maintained good cooperative relations with more than 7,000 enterprises in the United States and Europe. At the same time, we have branches in San Francisco, Singapore, Melbourne and other cities. We can communicate through MSN, SKYPE, telephone, e-mail and so on. Our company has an international remittance account, you can easily pay from abroad.

Question: Apart from translation, we also need PDF, drawing typesetting and captioning. Can you provide it?

Answer: Of course! Shenzhen Good Teacher Translation Company also provides a variety of translation services for customers, including PDF, CAD and other typesetting, Chinese and foreign language dubbing, captioning, meeting shorthand and so on. We have successfully provided such services to many domestic and foreign enterprises. If you have this need, please contact our customer service staff.

Question: I am a foreign customer, there is no local office of your company, how can I get your service?

Answer: You can contact Shenzhen Good Teacher Translation Company directly and send documents or negotiate details of interpretation cooperation through the network. After reaching the intention of cooperation, 1) sign a formal translation service contract; 2) pay in advance; 3) send remittance vouchers or related payment vouchers to us by fax or email; 4) We will Once payment vouchers are received, work will begin immediately.

Q: Do you use machine translation?

Answer: No, machine translation is far from the level that people can normally read, let alone be used for commercial purposes. Poor translation may cause huge losses to you. Our translation services are manually performed by professional translators. We use advanced translation memory software to improve our efficiency, but we never use machine translation or online translation.

Question: I heard that there are computer translation software at present. Can I use these software to translate?

A: Translation is a very complicated and meticulous task. It requires professionals to have enough peer-to-peer translation experience to translate, combine the content of the context and customer requirements and polish, rather than just a simple literal translation of a document. Computer translation can not fully take cultural differences into account, nor can it understand the underlying meaning behind the text. It is these differences that determine the accuracy and success of a translation. Good teachers have a strong professional translation team and solid backing of foreign consultants, can be competent for all kinds of professional translation, to ensure the accuracy of translation.

Q: I have some objections to your translation. What should I do?

Answer: Because different translators have different backgrounds, working experiences and cultural connotations, they usually form their own unique translation style and vocabulary habits. If you want our translation to conform to your habits, please let us know your style requirements beforehand (such as whether you want literal or free translation, whether you want to use American or English). We will ask the interpreter to translate in accordance with the style you specify to meet your expectations. If you have any doubts about the quality of the submissions, we will arrange for someone to explain to you. We will organize a panel of experts to discuss and give suggestions for revision. We will try our best to revise the submissions free of charge until you are satisfied.

Question: I have electronic documents, but in English, how do I calculate the number of words?

Answer: The cost calculation standard of the translation industry is based on the number of Chinese characters. In this case, the number of foreign words should be converted into the number of Chinese characters, and then calculated by the number of Chinese characters after conversion. If the foreign language needs to be translated into Chinese, the final number of Chinese characters should be taken as the standard. Conversion criteria: When a single byte is converted into a double byte, multiply by 2. For 1000 English or French words, the number of Chinese characters should be 1000*2 = 2000. Our conversion standard is based on the relevant provisions of the People's Republic of China Publishing House. The standard of conversion from single byte to double byte is 1.8-2.2, that is, a single byte of Western equivalent to 1.8-2.2 Chinese characters.

Q: What are the benefits of being your long-term customer?

Answer: Once you sign a long-term cooperation contract with Shenzhen Good Teacher Translation Company, you will enjoy a lot of preferential treatment. First, we will apply customized solutions to develop a professional terminology library for your company; second, we will give priority to the allocation of translation resources and other resources, that is, we will allocate long-term fixed translation, specialized technical personnel and other logistics personnel to take charge of your company's translation, so as to be sustainable. Sex improves the quality and speed of translation. In addition, VIP customers who have accumulated more than 50,000 yuan in translation and signed long-term cooperation agreements can enjoy more preferential policies. 1. You don't need to sign translation contracts every time, you can exempt from payment in advance and use monthly settlement method. 2. Your manuscripts enjoy translation priority under the same circumstances. 3. We will provide you with a unique ID number and password. You can check the progress of your translation project on our website. 4. You will receive a discount from our members.

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