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Lnformation secrecy

1542799607705468.png Lnformation secrecy

Measures to keep information confidential

In order to keep some confidential information of customers secret, we will sign the confidentiality agreement with the customers and with each translator participating in the translation project to make sure that the translators can only reach the related documents inside the company. The original documents will be returned to the customers after completing the project to make sure that the customersbenefits will not be damaged. We will delete all related electronic documents after summitting the translation, deal with the manuscript materials if the customers require, but the query of this translation will not be provided.

Translation business confidentiality agreement 

Party A:

Party B: Huizhou Good Teachers Translation Co., Ltd.

Huizhou Good Teachers Translation Co., Ltd. is a company set up according to the law of the Peoples Republic of China, the company registration number is: 440301104529861.

Because party A entrust party B to translate the related document, party A agree to reveal some confidential information to party B and reach the following agreement:

1. This agreement aims at protecting the business benefits, patents and trade secrets of party A. the content provided by party A to party B shall not damage the interests of the nation and the public, cause adverse effect, violate the intellectual property of others and lead to dispute and litigation, etc. 

2. confidential informationmeans that party A provide party B with any information or data in written, oral or electronic form, including business secrets, technical know-how, research result, business plan, customer information, financial data, other technical and business information. The ways of revealing this kind of confidential information include letters, fax, memorandum, summary, agreement, contract, report, manual, software code, drawing, e-mail, etc. Or revealing the confidential information in oral form and confirming it in written form. 

3. Party B shall apply the confidential information of party A in the translation scope, party B:

4. Both parties confirm that the ownership of the confidential information in this agreement belongs to party A.

5. This agreement will come into force since it is signed and sealed by both parties. The part of confidential informationwill become invalid automatically in this agreement when confidential informationbecomes public information for the reason having nothing to do with party B. Any revision in this agreement will come into force only after both partiessignature and it must be in written form.

6. If one party violates this agreement, the other party has the right to claim for the compensation of economic losses and other necessary remedies.

7. Party A has the obligation to pay party B for the translation fee on time according to the translation contract provision. If party A does not complete the payment on time according to the contract provision, this agreement will be invalid.

8. This agreement is in duplicate. Each party will hold one. The original and the copy share the same legal effect.

Huizhou Good Teachers Translation Co., Ltd.

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