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The advantages of the company

1542802681931286.png The advantages of the company

The truly professional company (mechanical translators are responsible for the mechanical documents; electric translators are responsible for the electronic documents; 
Literature translators are responsible for the literature documents--), is leading the planning direction antiwar movement of translators resource management flood in domestic translation industry.
All publishing level books, literatures, classical poems, archeology, law, medicine industries will cooperate with the United States Monterey SITS strategically. More than 600 expert translators in various industries are accumulated in Monterey A+ translator resource.
The domestic A class translator with professional translation experience for more than 8 years will translate the technical files of various industries used domestically. Undergraduate is unavailable to the translation.
Professional translation by human can prevent from the quality problems of software, students and meeting a deadline.
Tratos repeat statistical software and modern advanced ERP procedure management software are efficient.


Compared content

Good Teachers Translation

Traditional translation company

Translator selection

The recruitment standard of Good Teachers is strict; the classification of professional field is narrow.

Besides, our company has built up a set of subsequent review and scoring mechanism. Nowadays, there are lots of outstanding translators who are good at various languages and with different expertise.

There is no strict selection standard, evaluation methods and feedback system. The translators are of different levels and the quality of translation is unstable. The review advises and scoring mechanism is not implemented after the translations are distributed, so that the quality of the translation cannot guarantee to reach better quality continuously.

Translation preparation

Strict translation preparation: the specialized quality manager will select the high-frequency words and glossary and send them to the professors of translation with at least 15 years translation experience to confirm. As for the document whose source file is not editable, typesetting department will enter and pre-edit.

Distribute the translation directly and randomly. No uniform glossary has made before translation. As for the document whose source file is scanning copy or paper with no arrangement before translation, the working efficiency of translator’s subsequent processing is hard to improve.

Translation distribution

Careful selection of translators is an important work to make sure quality. The project manager in Good Teachers will find the most suitable translator for you according to the professional field and experience of the translator. Just let them do what they do best; never dispatch documents cross-regionally.

Arrange the translators to translate at random, lacking of careful specialization. The law contracts and engineering technical documents are finished by translators of foreign language majors instead of translators with the background of science and engineering as well as law major.

Large project management: Good Teachers has established 12 large project monitoring procedures to make sure the perfect quality of final translation by serious verification and careful check. Aiming at the particularity of each project, Good Teachers set up special project group to provide customers with exclusive fine service from the beginning to the end by the translation delivery process of real-time monitoring in project flow table.

Because many translators are involved in large project, no project group will follow and monitor. A mistake in one procedure may lead to the whole failure and extra time cost. If the procedures are not rigorous enough, customers will have economic losses and loss of business opportunity substantially.
Interpretation/ simultaneous interpretation: after the customers putting forward various requirements of interpretation and simultaneous interpretation, the staff will select several professional interpreters who can satisfy customers’ requirements from database immediately and send their resumes to customers for final decision. Except for the good professionalism, interpreters must know the international etiquette, behave properly and have elegant conversation, which can not only extend the business, but also improve the image of the company.
Because of the limited staff, teachers and students in university will be chosen to be interpreters in many cases. Customized translation service cannot be provided and different interpretation demands cannot be satisfied according to different demands, interpretation scenes and the professional fields involved. Additional service such as simultaneous interpretation professional equipment rental cannot be provided.
Before sales service: the basic requirements of Good Teachers to all staffs are being sincere to the customers and having considerate service. Professional and patient consulting as well as deep and timely communication is one of the reasons for affirmation. 7×24 hours all-weather telephone consulting service and on-line consulting service from 8:30 am to 18:00 pm are provided, and pick-ups will be collected by someone of the company.
Consulting service is only provided in working time. The urgent translation is difficult to deal with in holidays. Dedicated on-site customer service staffs and employees to take delivery are lacking.
Security and confidentiality: our company has signed the confidentiality agreement with customers and all staffs. Good Teachers implements a serious confidentiality system internally, including such classification confidentiality programs and security measures as off internet monitoring and confidential U disk. From working procedures, every procedure has set up specialized management to make sure the completion of customer data and prevent from divulging in any forms.
There is no special protection system platform and confidentiality control measures. The company distributes the translation to the part-time employees who do not sign the confidentiality agreement with the company. Full-time translators can copy the file and translate it at home, which is high-risk.
Automatic error correction: the lower error inspectors in Good Teachers trace and revise the inconsistency of numbers, names, spellings and terms through compliance tool software of lower error inspection and terms which is researched and developed independently to make sure the disappearance of omissions and lower errors.
The simple project distribution and return cannot put an end to the omissions, the errors of numbers, units, superscripts and subscripts, punctuation errors and the inconsistency of the same word. Because of the lack of the automatic correction auxiliary tools, it is less efficient and easy to make mistakes by manual inspection only.
Process control: Good Teachers creates the process control law of 10-30-60 originally, which means that the project group shall finish the first 10% in a cautious and pragmatic attitude when translating, and return to the quality manager to confirm; the next 30% of translation will send to the customer to confirm the quality and offer suggestions again; the last 60% will be translated according to the feedback and suggestions from the customer.
Poor controllability; cannot check the translation in the process of translating at any time. There is no contingency plan. If the translator returns the translation during the process or if serious quality problems are discovered after handing in, no time can be arranged to translate again or remedied in time.
Tools and software: translation department applies such CAT auxiliary translation tools as Trados 2009 and Transit which are international leading genuine tools. The project manager applies Project Master Software researched and developed by Good Teachers independently to monitor the progress of various projects and personnel arrangement in real time so that the customers can inquire the project progress at any time.
Because time-consuming and inefficient traditional management mode lacks advanced procedure management software, translation auxiliary memory software and professional typesetting software, customers can not know the project progress in time.
Full-time team: the company has large-scale full-time translation team, strong review team and art editor team with technical excellence. The number of staff is fixed. The daily processing capacity of translation is large. It is stable and efficient, which can deal with urgent large project.
Corpus reuse: the company has more than 200 thousand pieces in glossary library of various industries and languages concluded on its own to make sure the usage of glossary is authentic; and it provides exclusive corpus to large customer to make sure that it conforms to the industry idioms. Without corpus resources, no professional corpus use tool and no database, the corpus cannot reuse automatically.
Entry/typesetting: no matter the file is Excel, CAD, PPT, PDF, paper or scanning copy, Good Teachers can turn it to the style which is the same with the original and can be printed and published directly through professional typesetting tool. Beautiful layout can make the file or publication better.
Combining and submitting the translation simply lacks uniform typesetting procedures and quality acceptance standards. Only simple electronic document whose original text is WORD can be dealt with. The scanning copy or paper cannot be entered and typeset efficiently and quickly.
After sales service: there is no worry because of lifetime warranty. Whenever customers have objections or little revision to the translation, they can get professional explanation and help at any time, if necessary, we can help you revise in time or translate free of charge. Good Teachers will trace and collect the subsequent advises of each customer by customer relationship management system researched and developed automatically. In addition, we will analyze and review every completed project regularly, improving the quality constantly, breaking through perfection and exceed profession.
No after sales service or do not offer after sales service for three months. No subsequent revision and answers to the questions after paying the whole payment. There is no security.


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