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Know about Good Teachers

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Good Teachers Translation Service Co. Ltd is a professional service company in translation service, translation education, language database development, language computer software development as well as the research and development of foreign language education products. It takes translation as the main business and devotes itself to provide customers with diversified service. Based on the constant hard work and the strong support from our customers, the company builds up good reputation in south translation industry. According to the value of “profession, efficiency, honesty”, we build up a strong translation team which is multidisciplinary, multilingual and professional and set up a specialized department. IS09001 Quality Assurance System and Project Manager Responsibility System are implemented strictly to ensure the profession, practicality, accuracy and timeliness of translation service, and we determine to become a multilingual information service company which is the most reliable one among customers in Asia. 

Know about Good Teachers

Good Teachers Translation Service Co. Ltd is the first three large professional service translation company of current translation industry in China. It is the member of TAC, ATA and FIT. The company aims at global development and targets high-end customer group; branches are located in America, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and Japan respectively.

Good Teachers Translation Service Co., Ltd (Good Teachers) consists of a core management team with professional background in law, machinery & electronics, electricity, finance, oil and IT communication industries as well as language service experience for more than ten years; there are about 2600 employees working for Good Teachers all around the world. Domestic headquarter, the full name is Good Teachers Translation Service Co. Ltd; nowadays, Good Teachers Translation set up branches and offices in Shanghai, Nanjing, Beijing, Chongqing, Guangzhou and Changsha. The business scope covers 27 countries and districts in the world. In the past several years, Good Teachers Translation Service Co., Ltd provided about 1700 large enterprises and institutes, provincial and municipal government organizations, foreign consulates, the top five hundred enterprises in the world, designing institute, investment banks and presses with professional written service of 400-500 million words, about 530 simultaneous interpretations and about 1432 on-site interpretation service. Good Teachers plans to create a professional comprehensive language information service company with more than 630 professional language service intellectuals and the size of more than one hundred million output values in five years.


A large professional service translation company can truly achieve that translator who are professional in a specific industry will specialize in the translation of that industry. The company had strategic cooperation with United States Monterey SITS in July, 2014. Books published abroad and high-quality requirement documents were translated. A class interpreters are all senior national interpreters who have served leaders of different countries. Sixty percent written publishing level literary books are translated by translation experts and top translators.

“An interpreter who is less than A class is not a interpreter of Good Teachers. Good Teachers Translation devotes to creating and leading the normative development of industry”.


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