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Film dubbing and subtitles

1542802681931286.png Film dubbing and subtitles

1. Various video record, sound record, script dictation and translation service

2. Subtitles, voice synthesis and various post production
4. Multimedia content production of company profile, product description, marketing introduction
Good Teacher can provide you with various language dubbing needed and the dubbers employed are also the authentic professional mother tongue dubbers. Spanish will be dubbed by enthusiastic Spanish while Italian will not be dubbed by Irish.  We also dub in urban accents. Please have an imagination: what an unforgettable situation when a Pekingese hears a Chinese explanation with Beijing accents in the Empire State Building of New York in America. In addition, the dubbing is done in our professional recording studio to make sure the quality and efficiency of the dubbing.
Good Teacher Translation dubbing studio---with different types of dubbing business, it is your unique choice!

  • Advertisement: company image advertisement dubbing, product advertisement dubbing, TV commercials dubbing, marketplace broadcast dubbing
  • Propaganda: government propaganda dubbing, company propaganda dubbing, product propaganda dubbing, company documentary dubbing
  • Multilingual: dubbing of Cantonese, Minnan Language, English, Japanese, Korean, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish 
  • Film and television: TV column title dubbing, the dubbing of TV program title and TV series, animation post dubbing
  • Multimedia: architecture display dubbing, project report dubbing, project bidding dubbing, courseware dubbing
  • Dubbing business: professional dubber, Chinese dubber, foreign language dubber, movie dubbing, advertisement dubbing film and television dubbing animation dubbing, cartoon dubbing, game dubbing, foreign language dubbing, song dubbing, wedding dubbing, broadcasting program dubbing, TV program dubbing, radio and television advertising dubbing, documentary dubbing, TV series dubbing, feature film dubbing, explanation film dubbing, propaganda dubbing, Flash cartoon dubbing, audiobook dubbing, value-added product dubbing, electronic publication dubbing, courseware dubbing, professional post-listening interpretation of English audio and video materials
  • The rent service of performance equipment in dubbing studio

Successful cases: Honghua Group Company propaganda, China Metallurgical Group multilingual propaganda, Baoji Steel Plant multilingual propaganda, European enterprises and Chinese enterprises propaganda of EU project innovation center, propaganda materials of management committee in High-tech zone of Shenzhen, propaganda of software cooperation fair in Shenzhen, propaganda material of Turkmen project in CNPC, etc.

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