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Conference shorthand

585564_1508133660.png Conference shorthand

In the process of conference, conference record can be got when the recorder records the organization situation and specific content of the conference. “Note” consists of detailed note and abbreviated note. Abbreviated noting includes meeting summary, important remarks or main remarks in the conference. Detailed note requires that the recorded project must be complete and the recorded remarks must be detailed and complete. If the conference record including the above content must be left, “record” must be depended. “Record” consists of paper record, sound record and video record. As for conference record, sound record and video record are just the means; their recorded content must be returned to words at last. As the promise of representing the situation of the conference by record content maximally, sound record and video record are often together with paper record.

Good Teachers Translation Company has set up a conference shorthand center since 2008 to specialize in conference record, live network graphic shorthand and words sorting of sound record and video record, turning not editable multilingual paper translation into editable electronic document. Good Teachers Translation Company has also provided multilingual conference shorthand to such international forum or large activities as 2009APEC middle and small-sized enterprises summit, Microsoft partner general assembly, international seminar on green hospital solutions, the publication of the top 500 Chinese enterprises and Chinese large enterprises summit in 2011.

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