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The company provides language support (written translation and interpretation) to all legitimate business project scene of all enterprises and institutes in various regions all over the world internationally, that is to entrust full-time or part-time translators with the elimination of the language barrier for customers, promoting the transnational project successfully. 


The type of service:
1. To recruit the translators needed by dispatch position, which is entrusted by the employer;
2. Have employee’s hiring and dismissal procedures, social security account change, employee comprehensive insurance;
3. Describe the translator position, set up the level standard of translator position;
4. Provide such solutions as training, rules and regulation, salary design;
5. Collect materials, build up employee material system;

Service occasion:
The language resources (written translation or interpretation) is rare relatively in customer’s own field or project

Service language:
English, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, French, Spanish, etc

The location of expatriation:

Service industries:
Automobile, mechanics, architecture, IT, electronics, finance, chemical engineering, medicine, law, culture, etc

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