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Accompanied by interpreters

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Accompanied by interpreter: (professional business negotiation interpretation, to promote the internationalization of the company):

In recent years, more and more companies are being internationalized. The demands of accompanying interpreters increase gradually. The interpreters in Good Teachers Translation Company can be responsible for the foreign reception, the arrangement and communication with foreign businessmen, exhibition hall on-site interpretation and engineering installation on-site interpretation etc. there are many accompanying interpreters in our company, including English interpretation, Russian interpretation, Japanese interpretation, Korean interpretation, French interpretation, German interpretation, Italian interpretation, Spanish interpretation, Portuguese interpretation, Arabic interpretation and other minority languages interpretation.


The participation to the business negotiation project with German customers in a Shanghai company by interpreters of Good Teachers

Exhibition on-site interpretation:
The exhibition on-site interpretation is responsible for the detailed introduction of the products quality and characteristics as well as answering the questions asked by visitors on the scene. The interpreters of Good Teachers Translation Company are good at fields such as automobile, mechanics, energy, chemical industry, metallurgy, engineering, law, communication, textile, clothing, electricity, medicine and book publishing. In large exhibition and fair, interpreters of Good Teachers Translation Company can always be found.

Engineering installation on-site interpretation:


The participation to business visit project with French foreign guest of one foreign company in Qingdao by interpreters of Good Teachers

Engineering installation on-site interpretation, belonging to science technology translation, needs interpreters who have professional knowledge background. They could bear long-time work with high-intensity in the construction site. The interpreters of installation scene serve for international and domestic experts as well as engineering technical staffs, so that the requirement of accuracy of interpretation quality is strict. Good Teachers Translation Company will consider your demands of all aspects when engineering installation on-site interpretation is provided.

Foreign affairs communication interpretation:
Foreign affairs communication interpretation is to provide interpretation in various foreign affair activities of various enterprises and institutes such as government offices, schools, foreign-related organization and foreign company. Foreign affairs communication interpretation combines the characteristics of business accompanying interpretation and foreign reception. Foreign affairs communication interpreters must acquire some knowledge of etiquette. The foreign affairs communication interpreters of Good Teachers Translation Company can be competent at the reception of foreign affair visit and business visit (factory visit, market study, etc) and accompanying interpretation in daily life communication.

Travel accompanying interpretation:
The rich natural and human resources in China attract thousands of visitors from all over the world. Travel accompanying interpreters not only need outstanding interpretation capacity, but also some knowledge of places of interest. Good Teachers Translation Company will arrange outstanding travel accompanying interpreters for you.

Telephone interpretation:
Telephone interpretation is also known as calling on behalf of someone, transnational communication and overseas call. The in-time communication with business partner or friends may not be achieved because of the language barriers. Our interpreters can complete your requirement by fluent foreign languages and considerate service.

Only if you give clear direction, interpreters can make telephone interpretation at our company or your company.

Notes: less than 30 minutes will be paid according to the rule of 30 minutes. The international telephone charges and the submitted expense account of traveling expenses in normal working hours are not included in the above telephone interpretation fee.

Consecutive interpretation:
Consecutive interpretation is that the interpreter takes notes when the spokesman of the source language makes a speech. And then the interpreter expresses the speech in other language when the spokesman stops. In the era of international EU, all speeches are translated in the form of consecutive translation. Some interpreters have outstanding controlling skills for taking notes for 30 minutes as well as expressing the content of the speech in another language clearly and completely.


The participation to business visit and cooperation accompanying project of Xi’an electricity project in Spanish by interpreters of Good Teachers

Applicative Scope:
Such consecutive interpretation as diplomatic meeting, inspection visit, small range consultation, banquet speech, press conference, small seminar.
The general requirement of the conference consecutive interpretation is that interpreter can listen to the speech for 5-10 minutes as well as apply good speech skills to translate the whole content completely and accurately. There is no difference of difficulty and levels between consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation in conference interpretation. These two interpretation modes complement each other and their functions as well as the quality requirements are the same. Compared with simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation has longer instant memory capacity demand and more serious requirements of accuracy. Consecutive interpretation is more professional than simultaneous interpretation. As an independent subject, consecutive interpretation has its own characteristics and laws.

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