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Customer instructions

"Please understand the translation industry objectively and truly"

A: Translation is a hard and professional mental work. The time invested is often proportional to the quality of translation. If it is not urgent or urgent, please give as much time as possible to make a manuscript for the translation company.

B: Everyone who has worked in translation knows that an excellent interpreter, even in language, is not competent for translation in all trades. Translation companies need to subdivide the trades in order to provide professional and authentic translation services to customers with the most suitable and matching talents.

C: Please understand the following possible situations: translatability and untranslatability, two words that have no absolute meaning in both languages, and infinite diversity of expressions in each language. Therefore, there will always be some errors in translation, so it is most convenient for professional manuscripts, such as customers. In order to provide relevant auxiliary materials (such as translations, vocabularies, reference documents or manuals in the past), and explain the professional background of the manuscripts to be translated and the purpose of the translated manuscripts, so that the translator can grasp their language and cultural background well in translation, so as to ensure the rapid and accurate translation of the manuscripts.

"Pay attention to your publicity materials"

With the globalization of the world economy, information localization has become a hot trend. China's market is also moving towards orderliness and internationalization. At the same time, it is participating in fierce international competition. At this moment, any enterprise will pay more attention to the image of the company, especially the propaganda materials of the enterprise. However, many enterprises will pay more attention to the propaganda and translation capital. But there are a lot of errors, logic is not strong, terminology is inaccurate, seriously damaged the company's external image, so please pay attention to your promotional materials.

"Company statement"

A: We only accept the entrustment of the copyright owner of the translated document or the client who has the right to translate the translated document. We do not undertake the translation of the unclear original document and any form of proofreading.

B: The translation will be based solely on the original text provided by the client and refuse to make any additions, deletions, fabrications and speculations. Besides being responsible for the accuracy of the translation, the company will not assume any legal, economic and other responsibilities caused by the client's use of the manuscripts entrusted by our company. It will not involve *, business secrets, etc. in the materials. Responsibility for disputes arising from content. We have the right to refuse translation of documents whose contents violate the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China and violate international conventions.

C: Interpreters will generally refer to the original text completely or be typesetted in a general format. Unless otherwise requested by the customer.

D: If the client's translation needs to be kept strictly confidential, please inform us in writing beforehand that our company will deal with it specially and sign a confidentiality agreement with you.

E: Our rights except the right of signature are owned and controlled by our customers.

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